Fire Safety Bulletin Board & Free Printable Pattern

Fire Safety Bulletin Board & Free Printable Pattern

This is one of my favorite classroom displays and I wanted to share it with you in case you wanted to create it for your classroom.  It is the culminating activity we do at the end of Fire Prevention Week.  It allows students to display what they have learned about fire safety.

Each student makes a dalmatian fire dog by putting black spots on a white fire dog pattern. There are several options for making the spots:

  • Have students dip their fingers in black paint and place fingerprint spots on their dogs.
  • Have students use a black bingo dabber to put black spots on their dogs.
  • Have students color black spots on their dogs.

I have done both the paint and the bingo dabbers and both work fine.  This picture shows an example using the bingo dabbers. Students can also color the fire hat if desired.  My students wrote badge numbers on their hats to resemble the badges they saw on our fire department visit.

fire dog bulletin board pattern

While the fire dogs are drying, give each student a speech bubble and have them write a fire safety rule they learned during Fire Prevention Week.

Hang the dogs along with the speech bubbles on a bulletin board and title it

Look Who Was Spotted Learning Fire Safety

Fire Prevention Week / Fire Safety Bulletin Board

Click here to access the FREE printable dog and speech bubble patterns.

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