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Fall Word Wall Cards with QR Codes

Using QR codes to make fall word wall cards that are engaging and self-checking

The word wall is such an integral part of both my pre-k and kindergarten classrooms. It is a visual display that exposes my students to key words that they need to know.  At first I used it only for students’ names and sight words.  However, oftentimes when we would be doing a theme or unit we would do writing activities associated with the theme and students would struggle with writing particular words; therefore, I decided to add theme words to the wall as well as our writing center.

A big help with students learning sight words was adding QR codes to the word wall cards which made them both interactive and self-checking.  Plus my students LOVE QR codes!  They think they are magic and are drawn to any activity that incorporates them. So…… I had the idea to add QR codes to our theme word wall cards as well.

The QR code cards are used in the writing center, learning centers, students’ writing folders, and also sent home for practice.  The word wall cards without QR codes are used on our main word wall and in our pocket chart.  This is because many of the cards on the main word wall are out of student reach and not easily scanned.

I use 3 sets of fall word wall cards.

fall word wall card

As I stated above, this card is placed on our main word wall and used in our pocket chart.  I also hang the fall words together in our writing center.

fall word wall card with QR code

I use this ink-saving, self-checking card for individual student writing folders, for take-home practice, for games, and in our writing center.  They hang in our writing center and students can take them down for use in their writing.


The students practice saying and/or writing the word and then they scan it to see if they are correct.  When scanned, the students see a full color photograph of the word and they hear me say the word.  I use real photographs because it makes it easier for the students to make the real world connection when writing, plus it is great for my ELLs/ESLs.  I asked parents to donate their old smartphones for the past several years so I have a supply of them on hand in our writing area.

fall word wall card with QR code scan

Watch this short video to hear and see the scanned QR code.

These word wall cards are also great to use with games or activities because they are self-checking and printer friendly.

fall word wall card with picture and QR code

I created this card for a quick and easy center.  I simply cut the card apart on the line by the picture and place them in a center along with some donated smartphones or iPads.  The students match the pictures with the words and then scan the code to see if they are correct.

fall word wall card with picture and QR code

Watch this short video to see and hear the scanned QR code.

Adding the QR codes to our word wall cards has really heightened students’ interest in using and practicing seasonal vocabulary words.

If you would like to use these fall QR code word wall cards in your classroom click here to see more details and samples.

Fall Word Wall Cards with QR Codes & Real Photos

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