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Signs of the Four Seasons MEGA-Bundle (PowerPoint Presentations & Emergent Readers for Fall, Spring, Winter, Summer)

Four Seasons MEGA-Bundle (PowerPoint Presentations & Emergent Readers)

I have finished all four of my Signs of the Seasons PowerPoint presentations, emergent readers, and word wall cards and have bundled them together in a money and time-saving MEGA-Bundle.

PowerPoint Presentations

The mega-bundle includes four separate PowerPoint presentations (one for each season of the year).  Each presentation explains the season using simple terms that young children can understand and real, full-color photographs to which the children can relate.  They provide an easy-to-use introduction to each season as well as eye-catching visuals.

fall season PowerPoint presentation    spring season PowerPoint presentation

winter season powerpoint presentation       summer season PowerPoint presentation

They also provide you with assessment tools.  Each presentation includes slides that test students’ understanding. When a picture is clicked, a smiley face correct symbol or an unhappy face “try again” symbol is shown giving students immediate feedback. After being clicked, correct pictures are then marked with a gold star to distinguish them from incorrect ones.  You may use the many seasonal pictures included in the PowerPoint presentations to assess students’ knowledge of each season.

These PowerPoint presentations are also available for individual purchase (Fall/Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer) or you can receive just the PowerPoint presentations in a bundle pack.

Emergent Readers

The differentiated emergent readers in the MEGA-bundle make it easy to find the appropriate book for each student during your guided reading instruction.  You receive 3 versions of each emergent reader for each season of the year.  The emergent readers coordinate with the PowerPoint presentations and review the signs of the season. They use simple, rhyming, repetitive text that students will enjoy reading. They are perfect for guided reading and/or as a review or introduction to your seasons discussions.

• The first version is a full-color emergent reader with real photographs from the PowerPoint along with simple, repetitive text.

fall season emergent reader

• The second version is black and white and has pictures that the students can color.

winter season emergent reader

• The third version requires students to draw the pictures for each page which tests their comprehension of the text. It also requires the students to trace the words from the word wall cards which helps them learn the words.


Templates for Student-Made Books

The multiple templates for student-made books make it easy for you to create a collaborative class book or individual student books which allow students to apply what they have learned about the seasons to their own environments.  You have the option of using real photos that you and/or your students have taken or student-drawn pictures.

You also have the option of using text similar to the emergent reader or allowing students to create their own text. Cover pages and student pages for each option are provided. Pages with 3 lines and pages without lines are both included for student writing.

If you wish to save paper, take photos of the template pages and use your favorite book creator app!

Word Wall Cards

The word wall cards for each season contain full-color photographs along with the words and can be easily printed, cut, and added to your word wall to create beautiful and useful seasonal displays.

Printable Assessment Pages

If you prefer to individually assess students’ comprehension/knowledge of each season, printable pages are provided for each season of the year.

find the signs of winter

Save over 35% by purchasing this money and time-saving MEGA-Bundle Signs of the Seasons pack!

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