Grinning Graduates Graduation Bulletin Board

Grinning Graduates End of the School Year Graduation Bulletin Board

Grinning Graduates Graduation Bulletin Board

I have been doing this end of the school year display for many, many years and it always turns out adorable!  I have done it with both my pre-k and kindergarten classes.  It is the perfect “build up” to graduation.

The patterns needed are available here for free download.

First, students draw themselves on the face and and cut it out.  Then, they cut out the graduation hat and glue it on their head.  Lastly, they cut out the tassel and glue it onto their hat.

I usually like to display them in the hallway or outside our classroom door for all to see. I use leftover cut up tissue paper squares for confetti.  You could also use construction paper scraps.

This display is always a parent favorite so last year I decided to let the students personalize the graduation invitations that I send home.  Not only did I think this would help them get noticed but they would also be an additional keepsake for the parents.  It worked great and the parents loved them!

personalized graduation invitations

I made the editable template for these personalized invitations available in my diploma sets (see below).

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