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Christian, Religious Diplomas for Preschool – Grade 6

Christian Diplomas & Graduation Invitations Editable

Teaching in a Christian school I found it very hard to find diplomas for my kindergarten graduation ceremony that were both religious and educational in nature; therefore, I decided to create digital diplomas on my own that had both school related clip art as well as Christian clip art.  

Preschool Diploma Christian editable
Elementary Diploma religious

I knew that putting the time in now to create them would benefit me for years down the road because for years to come all I will have to do is edit and print them.  No more having to worry about finding enough packs and seeing if they were in stock and available during the hectic end of the school year.

I decided to create 3 different designs so I could alternate from year to year and from class to class.  I also made ALL the text editable so I could change or re-arrange it from year to year.

editable Christian diplomas

I also wanted graduation invitations that would be sure to catch parents’ attention and not get thrown away which is why I included a personalized version.  Every year I put up a “Grinning Graduates” bulletin board with student-drawn portraits with graduation hats and the parents LOVE it and get very sentimental seeing their children with graduation hats on their heads.

This sparked the idea of allowing the students to draw themselves as graduates on the invitations so not only would they catch parents’ attention but they would have a nice personalized keepsake in addition to the diploma.  It has been a big hit with both students and parents so I wanted to share it along with invitations that have actual photographs of the students on them as well.

I also created editable graduation invitations & end of year announcements with cute clip art images as well (half page & full page) that could be emailed or sent home.

christian graduation invitations
editable christian graduation invitations

Once others saw what I created I was asked if I could make some for the older grades as well.  I ended up creating 3 different versions (preschool, kindergarten, and grades 1-6).  Even though all the wording is editable, I changed the educational clip art on each set to better reflect the grade level.

All of these Christian diplomas and graduation invitations are available for others to use and enjoy here (I also have secular sets available).

If you would like to use these Christian, religious diplomas and graduation invitations in your class you may purchase them by clicking the appropriate link below.

Religious, Christian Preschool Diplomas, Graduation Invitations Editable

Religious, Christian Kindergarten Diplomas, Graduation Invitations Editable

Editable Religious, Christian Diplomas for Grade 1-6, Elementary School

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