St. Patrick’s Day CVC Word Riddles

The tricky leprechaun left us some riddles to solve but alas, the answers are in code.

St. Patrick's Day CVC riddles

But wait – he hid clues to the answers around the room!

It looks like to solve the clues we must know our CVC words.  Find each clue, figure out the missing letter in the CVC word, use the letters to solve the leprechaun’s riddle.

Students love this fun St. Patrick’s Day activity!  It is so engaging and fun and it gets them up and moving and eager to figure out the answer to the riddle and therefore eager to practice their CVC words.

They place their riddle sheet on a clipboard and get crackin’ to solve the leprechaun’s code.  They search for the hidden clues and since leprechauns are known to be tricky they are not easily seen.  They are under desks, buried in the sensory bin, on bookshelves, in centers, etc.

St. Patrick's Day CVC Words Around the Room

Once they find a clue they must solve the missing letter in the CVC word – it could be the beginning, middle, or ending sound.  They match the number on the clue with the number on their riddle sheet and record their findings (the missing letter).

St. Patrick's Day CVC Words Around the Room

Once they find all the clues on their riddle sheet they can get to work solving the riddle.

St. Patrick's Day CVC Words Riddles Around the Room

Students had so much fun doing this activity that I made 3 different riddle sheets so that we could do it several times in the days leading up to St. Patrick’s Day.  I also used it as a center by hiding the clues in our sensory bin.

St. Patrick's Day center CVC words

If you would like to use this activity in your classroom it is available HERE.

St. Patrick's Day CVC Words Around the Room and Center

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