Cyber Monday Sale – Top Wishlisted Products

Have you heard the exciting news?  There is a BIG Cyber Monday sale on November 30th – December 1st!  Save 28% on everything in my Teachers Pay Teachers store with promo code SMILE.  It’s the perfect time to stock up and save on some great teaching resources and get some last minute tax deductions for 2015!

Cyber Monday sale Teachers Pay Teachers

Here are 3 products that customers to my Teachers Pay Teachers store have wanted most.  Don’t forget to grab them during the Cyber Sale and save 28%!

differentiated alphabet worksheets

Alphabet Pages-6 Differentiated Worksheets for Each Letter (156 total)

I can understand why these alphabet pages are my most wanted product. As a kindergarten teacher I had problems finding a set of practice pages suitable for all the developmental levels of my students. I decided to create my own. These pages are differentiated for the varying ability levels of students.

differentiated Letter C unit

Letter C Unit, Differentiated Letter Writing Pages & Activities

This is the most wishlisted of the 26 letter units that coordinate with the above alphabet pages.  This differentiated Letter C Unit contains a wide variety of alphabet activities that address various learning styles. Songs, games, puppets, visuals, activities, art projects, etc. are all used to teach the letter allowing you to reach the learning needs and interests of every student. These alphabet activities were created with young children in mind and have plenty of hands-on experiences that get the children involved in the learning process.

preschool diplomas, certificates

Preschool Diplomas, Certificates, Graduation Invitations (Editable)

These are by far the most wanted of my set of diplomas! I created them so I could have a set of diplomas and certificates of completion that I could edit and use from year to year.  I also wanted to make the graduation invitations that I sent to parents personalized by the students so they could be a keepsake along with the diploma.

Wishlist these items and others today and then come back and nab them for 28% off with coupon code SMILE on Cyber Monday and Tuesday!  You can also find other items to wishlist at the Teaching in the Tongass Link-Up.

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