We Found a Surprise in Our Pumpkin – A Sprout!

Last week while carving our pumpkin we were amazed to find that one of the seeds inside had actually sprouted and was growing!  Talk about a teachable moment lol.

pumpkin sprout inside pumpkin

In all of my years carving pumpkins I have never seen this before!  We were able to see how it grew out of the seed, the roots, stem, and leaf.

pumpkin plant roots

We put it in some water while we finished our pumpkin carving and then found some potting soil and made a pot out of a milk container.  We then planted it and found a sunny and warm place for it.

pumpkin plant

After researching about planting pumpkins we discovered that they do best being planted outside where the average temperature is 70 degrees or more.  Unfortunately that is not possible in PA this time of year but we are going to keep it inside and see what happens.  I am happy to report that so far our little pumpkin plant is doing quite well! It will be getting a larger pot soon.  Regardless of what happens, it was a very unique experience that turned into an exciting teachable moment!

pumpkin plant

See the updated post here that shows how we grew two pumpkins from this little sprout!

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