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Letter C Activity and Pattern – Clam Digging for Cs

Free Letter C Activity and Pattern: Letter C Clam Dig

hands on alphabet activities

Your students will really “dig” this fun hands-on activity for learning the letter C! This activity can be done in your sand table, in a tub of sand, or on a cookie sheet filled with sand.  To prepare for this activity, copy the clam pattern below. To make a clam, staple 2 clam shapes together on one end to resemble a real clam that opens.

clam pattern

Write a letter inside each clam.  Make some with capital Cs, some with lower case cs, and some with other letters of the alphabet.  Bury the clams in the sand.

Explain to the students that you will be going on a clam dig today.  Show them a clam and how to open it. Tell them that “good” clams have letter Cs inside them and those are the clams that you will be collecting.  Allow students to dig in the sand for a clam, open it, and check if it is a “good” clam.  Collect the good clams in a bucket.

To practice letter sounds, place pictures inside the clams instead of letters.  “Good” clams would be the ones with pictures beginning with C.

This is an example activity from our Letter C Unit.  The unit plan contains:

  • Hands-on activities for teaching letter recognition and pre-reading skills that utilize a variety of teaching styles
  • Games
  • Songs
  • Cross-curricular activities (science, math, writing, etc.)
  • Patterns and picture cards
  • A puppet mascot and student reward
  • Letter writing pages with varying ability levels (6) to practice writing skills, letter formation, letter recognition, and sounds
  • A Suggested Book List (age appropriate literature to supplement the unit)

Here are just a few examples:

Center or Play Dough Mat

cookies Letter C

Finding C cookies for Carrie Cat’s cookie jar

Letter C cookies

Carrie Cat puppet mascot

You can choose between a simple or more elaborate puppet.  Students can make their own too.

Letter C puppets

Differentiated Letter Writing Pages

differentiated letter C writing pages

Cross-Curricular Activities

Cookie counting

cookie jar counting

Patterns with caterpillars

caterpillar patterns

Caterpillar to Butterfly Student-Made Book

caterpillar to butterfly book

Letter Hunt

letter c hunt

Letter Sound Cut & Paste

letter c sound cut and paste

Download the entire Letter C Unit here

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