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Free Pit Stop Punctuation Practice – Fix the Sentences (L.1.2A, L.1.2B, L.1.2C)

Free Pit Stop Punctuation Practice – Fix the Sentences (Common Core Standards L.1.2A, L.1.2B, L.1.2C)

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Grade Level: First Grade

Practice common core standards L.1.2A, L.1.2B, and L.1.2C with these free racing-themed practice pages. First grade students will love being a member of the pit crew and fixing the incorrect sentences! Works on capitalizing dates and names, capitalizing the pronoun ‘I”, ending punctuation (period, question mark, exclamation point), using commas in dates, and using commas to separate single words in a series.

Each page has a “Clue from the pit crew” which is a hint about the skill being practiced. Practice punctuation in a variety of ways!

Includes the following pages:
– “I” Spy What Needs Fixed (capitalizing the pronoun “I”, dates, and names) – Students circle the incorrect words in a paragraph.
– “Name” It and Fix It! (capitalizing names and dates) – Students fix and rewrite the sentences.
– A Great Series (adding commas to separate words in a series) – Students add commas where needed.
– Fix the Race Dates! (adding commas to dates) – Students rewrite dates with the comma in the correct place.
– Cap Off and Add Commas! (capitalizing dates and names, adding commas to dates and words in a series) – Students fix and rewrite the sentences.
– Finish It (ending punctuation) – Students write the correct punctuation mark at the end of each sentence.
– Punctuation Pit Stop (ending punctuation) – Students write each sentence with the correct punctuation mark.
– Find It and Fix It! (capitalizing the pronoun “I”, ending punctuation, capitalizing names and dates, adding commas to dates and words in a series) – Students circle the mistakes in each sentence and write the sentence correctly.

“My favorite racer calls me aunt” – this product was inspired by my nephew, Justin Bolton, who is currently trying to become a NASCAR driver.

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This activity was inspired by my nephew, Justin Bolton.  He is pursuing his dream of racing in NASCAR by racing in the NASCAR Whelen All American Series, attending UNC Charlotte majoring in mechanical engineering motorsports, and racing in the iRacing Pro NASCAR PEAK Antifreeze Series.
To help support Justin please visit his website –JustinBolton.com, follow him onTwitter(@JustinBolton99), and/or like his Facebook page(Justin Bolton Racing). We appreciate your support and hope you enjoy our materials.  – Tina O’Block

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