Five for Friday Weekly Linky Party

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Five for Friday Weekly Linky Party

five for Friday Weekly Linky Party

Recently found the Five for Friday Weekly Linky Party hosted by Doodle Bugs Teaching (first grade rocks!) and decided to join!  You post 5 random things from the past week.  Here they are!


Very early Sunday morning we came home from a wonderful, relaxing, FUN vacation at the Outer Banks.  We rented a vacation home with 2 great friends whom we met through hockey (season tickets for the Pittsburgh Penguins).  What a blast!  This was the first time in a LONG time that I actually took a true vacation from work.  I promised my husband that I would relax and not be glued to my laptop.  It was so rejuvenating!  I loved just relaxing by the pool, strolling on the beach, and exploring Corolla.  Even our 2 beagles were so much more relaxed and stress free on this trip because I was so carefree.  I highly recommend taking time for yourself this summer to de-stress and blow off.




The reason we came back home so early on Sunday morning was because I was helping my sister and nephew run a booth at the Latrobe Car Hop Sunday afternoon.  My nephew, Justin Bolton, is a race car driver and has aspirations to drive in the NASCAR Sprint Cup series some day.  Our church, who was running the car show, asked us if we could set up a booth about Justin and bring his Legend car that he used to race because it looks like a 1934 Ford Coupe.  We had a great time talking to people about Justin’s racing and letting the kids sit in the car and pretend they were race car drivers.





I have to admit that this week was not as productive as normal due to all of us being in post-vacation mode LOL.  I keep thinking back to last week and what we were doing on vacation (rather depressing).  Coming back to reality can be hard, even for the dogs.




I did manage to get my first bundle pack completed this week!  I am excited that I finally have a full set of seasonal counting pages done to create a bundle.

counting and numbers bundle spring summer winter fall


Today I am planning on using this bottle of sand that I brought home from the beach to do some fun sand experiments and sand art for a blog post.  Wish I could have brought back enough to create a beach in the back yard LOL.  I love the feeling of sand in between my toes.  I will also be trying to finish some summer alphabet pages that are still in the “designing phase”.



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