Signs of the Spring Season PowerPoint Presentation

Signs of the Spring Season PowerPoint Presentation

signs of spring season

This PowerPoint presentation explains the spring season in simple terms using real, full-color photographs. Children will learn when the spring season occurs, the vernal equinox, what you see during the spring, what plants need to grow, and more. The last slide tests their understanding by having students choose signs of spring. When a picture is clicked a smiley face correct symbol or an unhappy face “try again” symbol is shown giving students immediate feedback.

A brief description of each slide is below:
Slide # Description

1 title page
2 points out on calendar when spring occurs
3 explains spring occurs in between winter and summer
4 vernal equinox
5 days get longer (more hours of daylight)
6 northern half of the earth is tilted towards sun (more daylight, warmer weather)
7 warmer weather – what we wear
8 trees, flowers, and plants begin to grow
9 what plants need to grow
10 how plants absorb sunlight
11 how plants absorb water
12 trees during spring
13 flowers bloom in spring
14 animals that were hibernating wake up
15 birds build nests and lay eggs
16 animals and their babies
17 life cycle of a butterfly
18 holidays celebrated during the spring
19 find the signs of spring

Sample slides:

signs of spring spring seasonsigns of the spring season

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