Valentine Alphabet Practice: Letters & Letter Sounds Valentine’s Day Pages & Center

Valentine Alphabet Practice: I Love Letters and Letter Sounds

Valentine alphabet pages and learning center

Grade Level: Preschool – Kindergarten

Sample Pages

You will receive 26 Valentine’s Day themed alphabet printable practice pages plus a Valentine Chocolates Sweet Beginning Sounds Center Activity (28 heart-shaped valentine boxes & 56 chocolate pieces). They can be used for morning work, extra practice, assessment, remedial instruction, or regular class work.

The Valentine’s Day alphabet pages contain 3 sections each. In the first section students use their visual discrimination skills to find the featured letter (both uppercase and lowercase) in the box of valentine chocolates. They can mark the letters with crayons or dot painters. They can distinguish between uppercase and lowercase letters by using one color to mark the uppercase letters and another color to mark the lowercase letters. (Common Core State Standard RF.K.1.D)

In the bottom section students address valentine envelopes by tracing the letters on the first envelope and then writing both the uppercase and lowercase letters on the second envelope. (Common Core State Standard L.K.1.A)

In the third section students practice beginning sounds, letter sounds by coloring or marking the valentines that have pictures which begin with the featured letter. (Common Core State Standards RF.K.3.A, RF.K.3.B)

Valentine's Day Alphabet practice pages

The Valentine Chocolates Sweet Beginning Sounds Center Activity is perfect for small group instruction, independent literacy stations, a Valentine’s Day party activity/station activity, RTI activity, etc! The students are required to sort the pieces of chocolate letter candies into the correct heart-shaped valentine box based on the beginning sound of the pictures on the candy pieces in each box. You can require them to find both the uppercase and lowercase letter for each box or work on one or the other. You may also place one of the chocolate letter candies in the box already and have the students match uppercase and lowercase letters. (Common Core State Standards RF.K.1.D, RF.K.3.A, RF.K.3.B)

Additional Uses: Two blank heart-shaped valentine boxes and several chocolate pieces are included that can be programmed to use for your needs (numbers, sight words, colors, shapes, word families, etc.) The chocolate letter candy pieces can also be used alone for a memory matching game of matching uppercase and lowercase letters.

Valentine phonics learning center

Valentine's Day alphabet letter chocolates

Sample of a completed center

Valentine's Day alphabet letter sounds center



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