Winter Alphabet Letters Interactive Flash Game

I “Sknow” the Alphabet: A Flurry of Fun Learning Letters

Grade Level: Preschool – Kindergarten

This winter-themed interactive flash game is a fun way for students to practice letter identification (both uppercase and lowercase). Students use their visual discrimination and fine motor skills to catch snowflakes during a snowstorm that have specific letters of the alphabet on them. They receive immediate feedback and the interactive nature of the game makes it engaging and fun!

Watch an example of a student playing the game:

The game includes 26 levels of play (one for each letter of the alphabet). It is set up so students can play independently. Verbal instructions are given on every screen. Students begin at the Main Menu where they choose a letter that they would like to practice. They are then taken to the letter’s level where they are given verbal directions and proceed to catch the correct snowflakes. Their score (number of correct responses) is shown in the upper left corner of the screen. When the student completes the level they are shown a congratulations message and immediately taken back to the Main Menu where they can choose another letter to practice.

This game is perfect for remedial instruction, small group instruction, independent literacy stations, winter party activity/station activity, RTI activity, etc!

This is an interactive flash game (.swf file) that can be easily played offline or online in any browser. Simply right click the file and choose Open With and click your browser.

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