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Christmas Tree CVC Words

Christmas Tree CVC words

Christmas Tree CVC

I needed a fun, interactive, and meaningful way to practice CVC words during the holiday season because as we all know students are excited and have limited focus around the Christmas season.  I came up with Christmas Tree CVC.  With Christmas Tree CVC you receive 3 different types of activities for practicing CVC words – an interactive activity, a center activity, and black and white printable practice pages. They can be used individually or combined together. The premise behind all of them is the students must help the elves fix the Christmas lights on the tree. They will not light up because they have missing bulbs. The students must find the correct missing bulbs for each strand by choosing the bulb that will correctly spell the CVC word that is pictured on the string.  The students were intrigued by the premise of helping the Christmas elves and eager to help.  It gave them a purpose for doing the activity.

Interactive Game

The easiest way to show the interactive activity is by video. A preview video of the interactive activity and preview of the center and printable pages is below and can also be found on YouTube at https://youtu.be/ucimQCg0nTo.

To watch a demonstration video with instructions please visit https://youtu.be/8X0J91YlS-A.

In this animated activity students look at the picture on each strand of lights and choose the replacement bulb that will correctly spell the CVC word. They receive immediate feedback with either an unhappy face for an incorrect response or a happy correct face for the right answer. Once the correct bulb is clicked, it will move to its place in the strand of lights. Once all lights are fixed, advance to the next slide to see the lights lit up and blinking. A positive message displays.

Optional: The printable pages can be used in conjunction with this activity. Students can follow along with the presentation on their pages and write in the correct missing letter on the bulbs or they can write all of the CVC words on the printable CVC words page.

Christmas Tree CVC pages

Learning Center

Place the printable mats and bulbs in a center. Students must help the elves find the missing light bulbs by placing the bulbs on the tree to correctly spell the CVC words. Students can write all of the CVC words on the printable CVC Words page.

Christmas Tree CVC center

Christmas Tree CVC center

Printable Pages

The printable pages can be used alone as practice or homework or in conjunction with the interactive game or center. Students write the missing letter of each CVC word. Optional: Students can write all of the CVC words on the CVC Words page.

Christmas Tree CVC pages

Grade Level: Kindergarten – First Grade

If you would like to use Christmas Tree CVC in your classroom download it here.

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