Signs of the Fall, Autumn Season Power Point Presentation

Signs of the Fall, Autumn Season Power Point PresentationThis power point presentation explains the fall, autumn season in simple terms using real, full-color photographs. Children will learn when the fall season occurs, why the leaves change color, what you see during the fall, and more. The last slide tests their understanding by having them choose signs of fall. When a picture is clicked a smiley face correct symbol or an unhappy face “try again” symbol is shown giving students immediate feedback.

A brief description of each slide is below:

Slide# Description
1 title page
2 points out on calendar when fall occurs
3 explains fall occurs in between summer and winter
4 fall equinox
5 days get shorter (less hours of daylight)
6 weather gets cooler – what clothes we wear
7 the colors of the fall leaves
8-9 why leaves change color
10 why leaves fall off the trees
11 jumping in the leaves
12 acorns fall off the trees
13 squirrels gather acorns
14-15 apples
16-18 pumpkins
19 Find Signs of Fall

This power point can be customized to your needs.

Grade Level: Preschool – Grade 2


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