Ice Fishing Review Game

Materials Needed:

white shirt box or gift box with lid
fish pattern (below)
paper clips
magnetic tape or magnet
stick or pole
yarn or string

Cut a hole in the lid of the shirt box.  Create a fishing pole by attaching a piece of yarn or string to one end and tying a magnet or piece of magnetic tape to the other end for “bait”.  Copy the fish pattern below onto different colors of construction paper and label each fish with a letter, number, color word, sight word, number sentence, or whatever skill you wish to review.  Attach a large paper clip to each fish.  Place the fish inside the box.  Explain ice fishing to the students.  Pretend the white box is a block of ice and that you cut a hole in it for ice fishing.  Have the students drop the fishing line into the hole and catch a fish by placing the magnet (bait) by a fish’s paper clip.  When they pull out a fish they must say the letter, number, word, etc. on it.


This is an example from my Letter I Unit.

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