National Cocoa Day Educational Activities

Today is National Cocoa Day so I thought I would share some teaching ideas involving hot cocoa.

Math Center: Print the mug pattern shown below onto colored construction paper. Color the top oval brown to look like the mug is filled with hot cocoa. Write number sentences (math equations) on the mug. Provide students with a supply of miniature marshmallows to use as manipulatives to help them solve the equations.

Bulletin Board: Give each student a copy of the mug pattern shown below. Have them write a book review on the mug. They can glue mini marshmallows on the top to show their rating of the book, for example 4 marshmallows could be the highest rating and 1 the lowest (similar to star ratings). Hang them on a bulletin board with the title “Warm Up with a Good Book”.

Incentive Chart: Create a mug for each student with their name on it. The students may color their mug to resemble a mug of hot cocoa. Students can earn mini marshmallows for their cocoa by completing certain tasks. Glue the mini marshmallows in the top oval of the mug. After a student earns a predetermined number of marshmallows for their mug they earn a reward.



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