Fall Leaf Activities and Book Suggestions

Fall Leaf Activities and Book Suggestions

Discuss what colors leaves change to in the fall season. Show leaves of various colors from different trees or take a nature hike with the students to collect fall leaves. Sort and graph the leaves by size, shape, color, etc.

Leaf letter recognition – Hide some letter cards in a leaf pile (making sure there are plenty of letter L cards). Have the children jump into the leaf pile and hunt for a letter L card. You can make this activity a relay race by having a child from each team run to the leaf pile, find a letter L card, and run back.

Leaf Jumping – Practice following directions and directional words by raking leaves into piles and directing the children to jump in them, jump over them, run through them, etc.

Book Suggestions:
Looking at Trees and Leaves by Lara Rice Bergen
Why Do Leaves Change Color? by Betsy C. Maestro
Autumn Leaves by Ken Robbins
Fall Leaves Fall by Zoe Hall
Fall Leaves by Mary Packard
I Am a Leaf by Jean Marzollo
I Eat Leaves by Joann Vandine

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