Ice Cube Races, Ice Cube Painting

Looking for a fun way to beat the heat?  What about ice cube races and ice cube painting!

Ice Cube Races – Give each child an ice cube.  On your signal instruct them to try to melt their ice cube as quickly as they can (rub it in their hands, sit on it, step on it, rub it on the floor, etc.). The first one to completely melt their ice cube is the winner.  For younger students you may want to give them very small ice cubes to start.

Ice Cube Painting – Fill an ice cube tray with various colors of tempera paint (a different color in each cube).  Cover the tray with plastic wrap and then poke popsicle sticks or toothpicks into each cube of paint (for handles).  Freeze overnight.  Pop out the cubes of paint.  Give children a piece of construction paper and allow them to hold the popsicle stick or toothpick handle and paint with the ice cubes.

ice cube painting

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  1. Prepare ice cubes with popsicle sticks as done in the Koolaid Painting art project. Cut the heavy art paper to fit inside the cookie sheets. Give the children each a piece of paper and washable markers to create a drawing. Once they’ve finished creating their works of art, give the children each an ice cube popsicle. As they draw over their artwork with the melting ice cube, the preschoolers will be fascinated with how their marker drawing turns into a beautiful watercolor painting.

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