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myplateMyPlate Nutrition Activities

Activity 1: Outline a regular paper plate with the new MyPlate sections making sure the sections are the proper sizes. Have the students color the plate according to the MyPlate guidelines. Have them take noteĀ of the different portion sizes. Compare & contrast the portion sizes and point out that half of the plate is fruits and vegetables.

Activity 2: Cut out the sections (fruits, grains, vegetables, protein, dairy) of the MyPlate template ensuring the sizes and colors match the template. Have the students place the sections on a blank paper plate correctly.

Activity 3: Provide students with a MyPlate printout or a paper plate labeled with the MyPlate sections. Supply computer printouts of various foods or have the students cut out foods from magazines and place them in the proper sections of their MyPlate. This activity helps children see the foods that make a healthy meal.

MyPlate Interactive Resources:

MyPlate Match Game – Interactive game that tests your knowledge of the 5 food groups, and how much you need from each group.

Talking MyPlate Interactive Game – Chef Solus is excited to tell you what he has learned about the new My Plate! Place your mouse over the different parts of the food groups shown on the plate to hear what Chef Solus has to say. You can also read the text at the bottom of the plate.

Blast-Off Interactive MyPlate Game – Fuel up your MyPlate Spaceship with smart food choices and 60 minutes of physical activity to fly to Planet Power!

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