Individual Alphabet Letter Units for Download

While teaching pre-k and kindergarten I struggled to find an alphabet curriculum that took into consideration the diverse learning styles and abilities of my students.  Some students entered school already knowing their letters and how to write them while others had no prior exposure to the alphabet or writing.  I ended up creating my own alphabet activities and letter writing pages.

Each individual alphabet letter unit contains a wide variety of alphabet activities that address various learning styles. Songs, games, puppets, visuals, science experiments, writing activities, art projects, etc. are all used to teach the letter allowing you to reach the learning needs and interests of every student. These alphabet activities were created with young children in mind and have plenty of hands-on experiences that get the children involved in the learning process.

alphabet letter unit activities


Each alphabet letter unit includes:

  • Hands-on alphabet activities for teaching letter recognition and pre-reading skills that utilize a variety of teaching styles
  • Differentiated letter writing pages (6) to practice writing skills, letter formation, letter recognition, and sounds
  • Suggestions for incorporating the following apps – Pic Collage for Kids, Hello Crayons, ChatterPix Kids
  • Patterns and picture cards for the activities in color and b/w
  • A letter mascot in color and b/w
  • Student rewards/brag tags in color and b/w
  • A Suggested Book List (age appropriate literature to supplement the unit)

Students have a natural curiosity about writing and expressing their ideas. Each letter unit provides letter practice pages designed for various motor skill development levels. They range from large “bubble” alphabet letters to writing the letters within 3 lines. There are also pages to practice letter recognition and letter sounds. Each practice page is designed to give children practice with writing skills and beginning reading while simultaneously enhancing their fine motor skill development through coloring, tracing, cutting, and pasting. Teachers can use them with all of their students and parents can use them year to year as their children grow and mature.

I feel that making learning fun and interesting for young children is very important. This is why a puppet mascot is suggested to introduce and teach the letter. The puppet’s name begins with the unit’s letter helping children remember and learn the letter and its sound. In addition, interactive activities with the puppet, songs, games, and hands-on activities keep the children’s interest and make learning fun! Instructions for using the puppet with the app ChatterPIx Kids are also provided.


Each letter unit also includes an individual reward/brag tag in both color and b/w to recognize achievement and mastery of the letter. My students really looked forward to receiving their tags for each letter!

alphabet letter rewards

Patterns/reproducibles needed for the letter activities, the puppet, picture cards, student rewards/badges, and instructions for incorporating apps are included making preparing for class convenient and easy!

alphabet letters patterns and picture cards

After many requests from teachers and parents, my alphabet bundle is now available in individual letter units!

You may purchase all 26 letter units plus review units together in a money-saving bundle or buy the units you need by purchasing individual units.  You may also get the differentiated letter writing pages for each letter (156 total) separately here.  Click on the unit title for more details and samples.

Letter A Alphabet Unit Plan Letter A Alphabet Unit Plan

Letter B Alphabet Unit PlanLetter B Alphabet Unit Plan

Letter C Alphabet Unit PlanLetter C Alphabet Unit Plan

letter D alphabet unitLetter D Alphabet Unit Plan

Letter E Alphabet Unit PlanLetter E Alphabet Unit Plan

 letter F alphabet unitLetter F Alphabet Unit Plan

letter G alphabet unitLetter G Alphabet Unit Plan

Letter H Alphabet Unit Plan  Letter H Alphabet Unit Plan

Letter I Alphabet Unit Plan  Letter I Alphabet Unit Plan

Letter J Alphabet Unit Plan Letter J Alphabet Unit Plan

Letter K Alphabet Unit Plan Letter K Alphabet Unit Plan

Letter L Alphabet Unit Plan Letter L Alphabet Unit Plan

Letter M Alphabet Unit Plan  Letter M Alphabet Unit Plan

Letter N Alphabet Unit Plan  Letter N Alphabet Unit Plan

Letter O Alphabet Unit Plan Letter O Alphabet Unit Plan

Letter P Alphabet Unit Plan Letter P Alphabet Unit Plan

Letter Q Alphabet Unit Plan Letter Q Alphabet Unit Plan

Letter R Alphabet Unit Plan Letter R Alphabet Unit Plan

letter S alphabet unit Letter S Alphabet Unit Plan

Letter T Alphabet Unit Plan Letter T Alphabet Unit Plan

letter u alphabet unitLetter U Alphabet Unit Plan

Letter V Alphabet Unit Plan Letter V Alphabet Unit Plan

Letter W Alphabet Unit Plan Letter W Alphabet Unit Plan

Letter X Alphabet Unit Plan Letter X Alphabet Unit Plan

Letter Y Alphabet Unit Plan Letter Y Alphabet Unit Plan

letter z alphabet unitLetter Z Alphabet Unit Plan

alphabet letter writing pages Alphabet Worksheets – 6 Differentiated Worksheets for Each Letter (156 Total) 


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