Letter A Interactive Alphabet Learning Game

letter a interactive alphabet learning game

In this animated and interactive PowerPoint, Learning Letter A With Alex Alligator, children learn to recognize both uppercase and lowercase A and its beginning sound by helping Alex the Alligator pick ripe apples from his apple tree. Students receive immediate feedback as they pick apples from various apple trees. The ripe or correct apples will have either an uppercase or lowercase A on them or a picture which begins with A. Children have fun while learning by watching and interacting with Alex and his apples! Easy to navigate and use for young students.

Includes 3 levels of play:
Level 1: Recognizing uppercase A
Level 2: Recognizing lowercase A
Level 3: Beginning Sound A

Each level gets progressively harder as the student advances through it. At the completion of each level they can choose to advance to the next level or stop.

This fun, interactive game teaches the students letter recognition, beginning sounds, visual discrimination, matching, following directions.

Can be used on a computer with individual students or on the interactive whiteboard with a group.

Directions for use:
Load the powerpoint on a computer or the interactive whiteboard.
On slide 1 choose a level of play.
Pick an apple off of Alex Alligator’s apple tree by clicking on it. You will be immediately taken to either the correct slide where Alex will cheer and the apple will be placed in his basket or the incorrect slide where Alex will cough and spit out the apple because it is not “ripe”. Click the Back arrow button to try again.
After a level is complete either click the Next arrow button to continue to the next level or click the stop sign to quit and go back to slide 1.


letter a interactive powerpoint

letter a interactive alphabet game

letter a alphabet interactive game

This learning game coordinates with my Letter A Alphabet Unit Plan.

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