Incorporating Technology Into the Curriculum with Problem-Based Learning

Incorporating Technology into the Curriculum with Problem-Based Learning

The purpose of this manual/handbook for teachers and administrators is to provide training in incorporating problem-based learning with technology into the curriculum. Problem-based learning requires students to utilize critical thinking skills and to use the computer as a tool. Studies have shown that these are the skills people are using in the workforce, however they are not the skills being taught in many of our schools. This manual is designed to help remedy this situation by educating teachers on the definition of problem-based learning, the philosophies and theories behind it, the changing roles of the students and teachers, and its attributes. In addition, it will train teachers how to create and implement problem-based learning lessons thus better preparing students for the workforce of the 21st century.

This training manual can be used by an individual teacher to first learn how to incorporate problem-based learning on their own. It can also be used by a trainer, educator, or administrator for guidance and information on how to effectively train teachers in using problem-based learning in their classrooms. No matter how the training manual is used, it should be understood that adopting problem-based learning into the curriculum will take time to implement. Since problem-based learning requires a lot of change for teachers and students, the concept of change was taken into consideration in the organization of this training manual.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What is Problem-Based Learning
Examples of Problem-Based Learning
Lesson 1 – Definition of Problem-Based Learning
Definition of problem-based learning
Problem-based vs. project-based learning
Lesson 2: Philosophies and Theories Behind Problem-Based Learning
Lesson 3: Changing Roles of Students and Teachers
Lesson 4: Attributes of Problem-Based Learning
Chapter 2: Creating and Implementing a Problem-Based Learning Lesson
Part 1: Creating a Problem-Based Learning Lesson
Lesson 1: specify objectives for the students
Lesson 2: formulate/create a problem
Lesson 3: gathering multiple resources and technology
Lesson 4: presentations and assessment
Lesson 5: student and teacher activities
Appendix A. Learning Tasks and Computer Functions Table
Appendix B. Problem-Based Learning Lesson Plan Template


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