Cookie Lesson Plans – National Cookie Day

In honor of National Cookie Day on Dec. 4th I am listing some of my favorite lessons involving cookies.

Letter C Cookies

Give each student some sugar cookie dough and have them roll it and shape it into the letter “C”.  Bake the cookies and allow the students to decorate them with icing or sprinkles.  Enjoy the cookies for snack.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Counting

Make chocolate chip cookies with the class then have each student count the number of chocolate chips in their cookie before eating it. Make a graph and discuss who had the most/least number of chocolate chips in their cookie.

Who Stole the Cookie? Chant and Story

Teach students this popular chant (while saying the chant clap hands and snap fingers)

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

(insert child’s name) stole the cookie from the cookie jar.

(child who’s name was chosen): “Who me?”

(rest of the class): “Yes you!”

(child who’s name was chosen): “Couldn’t be!”

(rest of the class): “Then who?”

(The child who’s name was chosen says the name of another student) stole the cookie from the cookie jar.

repeat chant starting from “Who me?”

Read the book Who Stole the Cookies? by Judith Moffatt

Cookie Crisp Cereal Activities

Use the cereal to practice counting and number recognition by duplicating the cookie jar pattern below and placing a number on each jar. Have the students “fill” the cookie jar with the appropriate number of cereal pieces.  They may eat the cereal as a reward for being correct.

cookie jar counting

Use the cereal pieces as bingo markers for number or letter bingo. The children may eat the cereal when they have a bingo.

Use the cereal as math manipulatives for number sentences.

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