Mother’s Day Ideas

These were always a few of my favorite ideas for Mother’s Day.


Purchase small white paper doilies. Have the children take small squares of various colored tissue paper and crush up each square. Glue the crushed tissue paper into the center of the doily so that it looks like small flowers. Leave the lacey edge showing.

Mother's Day corsage student created

Another option is to have the children place the flat end of a crayon in the center of a piece of tissue paper square & gather up the ends of the tissue paper, then place it onto the doilie (the tissue paper stands up more instead of being crushed).

Arrange the tissue paper squares to resemble flowers. Add a craft jewelry pin to the back. We place these on the tables for our Muffins with Moms celebration as centerpieces and then the students give them to their Mom to wear.  They are always a big hit!

Mother's Day tissue paper doily corsage gift


Student-Made Book

My kindergarten class would always make books about their moms and present them at our Mother’s Day celebration.  They were sure to bring a lot of laughs!  Print the following questions on colored paper and have the children write and/or draw their answers.  Bind into a book or place in a folder.

What is your mother’s name?

How old is she?

What does she do?

What is her favorite color?

What is her favorite food?

How many brothers and sisters does she have?

Where does she like to take you for fun?

What message do you want to send her for Mother’s Day?

Muffins for Moms Celebration

Our school did this for years and it was always a favorite for everyone.  Set up and decorate some long tables in the cafeteria, social hall, or classroom.  Set out coffee, tea, juice, and muffins.  Invite mothers to come in and have breakfast with their children. Their Mother’s Day gifts can be placed on the tables and given to them by their children.  It is such a nice way to start the day and celebrate all the moms!

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