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St. Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt Activity (visual discrimination, listening skills, following directions)

Tell the children the tale of the leprechaun and St. Patrick’s Day or read books on the subject.  Explain that leprechauns like to appear around St. Patrick’s Day and they are often very cunning, tricky, and clever.  They also are thought to have gold and if someone can catch a leprechaun they must tell you where their gold is located.

On the days preceding St. Patrick’s Day make subtle changes in your room before the children arrive.  For example, turn a few of your alphabet letters that hang on the wall upside down, put a desk or table in a different area, rearrange a bulletin board in a silly manner, turn a few of the calendar numbers the wrong direction, etc.  When the students arrive and point out the “errors” act surprised and say that “someone” must have been in their room playing tricks and hint that because it is close to St. Patrick’s Day it may be a leprechaun.  Remind them that the legend says if they catch a leprechaun he must lead them to his gold, but they are known to be tricky.

On St. Patrick’s Day prepare your room before the children arrive by designing a treasure hunt and hiding a pot of “treasure”.  You may use the chocolate gold candies or other treats or prizes.  Hide clues written by the “leprechaun” around the room on shamrocks (pattern below).  The last clue should lead to “gold” (candy gold coins or treats).  During your St. Patrick’s Day celebration, read the students a St. Patrick’s Day story, when you reach the end have the first clue be in the back of the book.  Read it to the children and have it sound like it is from the leprechaun.  For example, “St. Patrick’s Day stories are my favorite to read so I popped into your room to read a few.  After I was done, I noticed your green decorations so I decided to check them out”.  Tell the students that it is possible the leprechaun is still in the room and they should try to locate him and get his gold.  Lead them to the green decorations and see if they spot the next clue.  The clue should be hidden in the green decorations.  Read this clue that leads them to the next clue. Continue in this manner through the treasure hunt.  When you reach the last clue, act like you caught a glimpse of the leprechaun and act out trying to grab him (make sure you are in the location where the gold treasure is hidden).  Explain that he got away but since they surprised him he dropped something….then pull out the gold treasure.  You can even put down a few sprinkles of green glitter as his “getaway path”.

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Shamrock patterns by www.mycutegraphics.com:

shamrock pattern black and white

shamrock pattern


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