Pumpkin Games

The following pumpkin-themed games will be a big hit in your classroom this holiday season!  They are perfect for Fall Festivals or Halloween parties!

Pumpkin Patch Game (letter recognition/letter sounds) – Create a pumpkin patch by copying a pumpkin pattern onto construction paper or purchasing some small pumpkins.  Label some of the pumpkins with an uppercase P, some with a lowercase P, and some with other letters of the alphabet.  To create vines attach the pumpkins to long, curled pieces of green ribbon. Set up the pumpkin patch in your classroom or outside. Have the children go into the pumpkin patch and pick pumpkins with the letter P on them (you may specify uppercase or lowercase).  An alternative for older children is to glue picture cards on the pumpkins and have them pick pumpkins that have pictures beginning with the /p/ sound.

Ring the Pumpkin Game – This is a fun party game or Harvest Festival activity.  Purchase some small pumpkins and spread them around the room or outside.  Give children a hula-hoop and see if they can throw the hula-hoop and “ring” a pumpkin.  You may pass out prizes or tickets that can be cashed in for prizes (label the pumpkins w/ numbers to indicate how many tickets they win for ringing each pumpkin).

Pumpkin Bowling – Played the same as regular bowling except the children roll a small pumpkin at the pins instead of a bowling ball.  The bowling pins may be decorated by attaching a corn husk pattern on the front of each one.

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